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7/05/2022 8:20am NZT | changed layout of blog

29/04/2022 10:08pm NZT | Added a chatbox!

27/04/2022 10:34pm NZT | added scrolling text in various different places

27/04/2022 11:59am NZT | found a blog widget thing becayse i dont want to make one myself

27/04/2022 10:58am NZT | Added comment section

24/04/2022 5:50pm NZT | Uploaded files to Neocities! woaw

24/04/2022 5:22pm NZT | Added links into Helpful

24/04/2022 3:46pm NZT | Added Dreams/Blog page

24/04/2022 3:43pm NZT | Added Change log

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this is a recreation of a site i made when i was 11. (content was obviously not the same but you get the jist of it.) just some random stuff here, including my art/creations, helpful links, blog/dreamjournal and ISS Broadcasts.

im septic !! you can find me on other platforms under the alias "Septic" or "Subfinite"

some of my many interests include science, astronomy, chemistry

my favourite colour is purple/blue

this website is still under construction!!

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